Research infrastructures

There are four research infrastructures involved in the project:

  • ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System)

ICOS RI is a pan-European Research Infrastructure which provides harmonized and high precision scientific data on carbon cycle and greenhouse gas budget and perturbations.

  • ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds, Trace gases Research Infrastructure Network)

ACTRIS is the pan-European research infrastructure providing the 4D-variability of reactive trace gases, clouds, and of the physical, optical, and chemical properties of short-lived atmospheric species for the users.

  • AnaEE (Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems)

Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems AnaEE is a RI for experimental manipulation of managed and unmanaged terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

  • SIOS (Svalbard Integrated Observation System)

Svalbard Integrated Earth Observing System (SIOS) is an international research infrastructure project to establish coordinated services for the international research community with respect to access, data and knowledge management, logistics and training related to Svalbard region.